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Apothecary of Curiosities
(Dark Fantasy/Fable Collection - Short Stories)

Death's Nell Ebook Cover.jpeg
"Death's Nell"

Death's apothecary contains a great number of curious things, but when a young and naive witch named Nell wanders into Death's shop late one wintry evening, she finds more than she bargained for amongst the wares. Intrigued by a particularly unique collection, she's drawn into a challenge against the reaper herself. Can she complete the task Death has offered her? More importantly, is it wise?


They never learn.

Kiss of Death Cover.jpeg
"Kiss of Death"

The Ball of Ages, thrown at a mysterious mansion within a high-walled estate, promises a devilish night of frivolity and freedom for the mortals in attendance, but when the Grim Reaper herself is invited to the soiree, things quickly go off the rails. Her siblings and fellow horsemen have a devious plan for an evening of chaos and destruction. While they'll enjoy it immensely, the unwitting guests are in for a shocking surprise. What exactly do the heralds of the Apocalypse have planned?

_Deadly Delicacies_ EBook Cover.jpeg
"Deadly Delicacies"

All Death wants is a delicious meal and a day away from her apothecary. Is that so much to ask? Surrounded by a city alive with tourists and intoxicated adventure-seekers, the Grim Reaper settles down with a good book and a scrumptious treat. However, a new delicacy presents itself as she finishes her plate. Eric, a hot-tempered man, and his wife Bella, a woman full of carefully contained rage, put on quite a show in front of the restaurant’s dinner guests. Finding herself intrigued by the unanticipated entertainment, Death decides to intervene. She hasn’t done that in ages.


My, how interesting this will be.

(This series is ongoing)

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