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Samantha Moran (she/her) is a multi-genre author primarily focused on supernatural horror, thriller, and fantasy. She is fascinated by all manner of things that go bump in the night and strives to create relatable characters who face realistic problems in fictional settings. As her motto claims, she is a firm believer in the idea that "happily ever after is overrated" and prefers her stories to be full of twists and mysteries.

Samantha holds a Bachelor's in English Secondary Education and is a proud Magna Cum Laude graduate of Western Michigan University. (Go Broncos!) She is also a loving mother of two amazing children and has been happily married to her husband since 2015. She and her family reside in southwest Michigan, though she has also previously resided in the Baltimore, Maryland area.


Samantha lives with Multiple Sclerosis which sometimes severely impacts her daily life, especially her ability to use her hands.


In her free time, she loves tarot, playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading books, writing, and spending time with her family and pets.


Dealings in the Dark (Book Fest Fall '23).webp

First Place:

Supernatural Creatures and Beings

The BookFest Awards, Fall 2023

Top Pick:

Author Shout Reader Ready Awards, 2024

(Alternate) The Ruin Ebook Cover.jpeg
The Ruin (Book Fest Fall '23).webp

Second Place:

Urban Fantasy

The BookFest Awards, Fall 2023

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