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Cursed Souls
(Horror and Thriller Series)

Dealings in the Dark (Book Fest Fall '23).webp
Dealings in the Dark: Cursed Souls Book One

Alexandria Hendricks has been left alone to learn to control her family's ancestral magick, but she has a hellhound at her heels. Forced to summon a demon, she must face the consequences of a forgotten bargain. Can she get out of this alive?

Bound and Betrayed: Cursed Souls Book Two

Misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia after a vicious demonic attack as a child, Selena wants to believe what the doctors say is true. But, when it starts happening again and she's forced to question everything she knows, can she save herself in time?

Legacy of Lies Ebook Cover.jpeg
Legacy of Lies
Cursed Souls Book Three

[Blub Coming Soon]

Planned Release: October 1, 2023

(This series is ongoing)

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