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Cursed Souls
(Horror and Thriller Series)

Dealings in the Dark (Book Fest Fall '23).webp
Dealings in the Dark:
Cursed Souls Book One

All she wanted was to save her friend, so she made a deal with the darkness, but her good intentions came with a steep cost, and it's so much more than she bargained for.

Magick always comes with a price. This is the lesson that Alex Hendricks, a young practitioner, learns when she is forced to confront a terrifying entity set on claiming her soul for his own. Secrets from her past are revealed, and she must decide whether to meet the entity's demands or sacrifice herself, allowing him to end her life and condemn her to eternal torment. This short tale follows Alex on her journey over the course of two days time as she battles supernatural forces and comes into her own power. But, will it be enough to save her life and retain command of her own soul?

Bound and Betrayed:
Cursed Souls Book Two

They said it was all in my head, that the demons weren't real.

They were wrong..

Selena Thomas was only ten when a demon named Iroth brutally murdered her in her best friend's basement. However, she didn't stay dead for long. Eighteen years later, Selena has spent her entire life being told by countless medical professionals that her horrific death and resurrection never occurred.

At twenty-eight years old, she's almost ready to believe them. But, when strange things start happening around her, she's forced to re-examine her past. What most have tried to convince her was simply an overactive imagination of a child may actually be true after all. With her life on the line once again, Selena must quickly sort out fantasy from fiction if she wants to survive.

Can she do it in time?

Legacy of Lies Ebook Cover.jpeg
Legacy of Lies:
Cursed Souls Book Three


(This series is ongoing)

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