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Wicked Little Rabbit eBook Cover (Small).jpeg

Wicked Little Rabbit
For The Dark and Depraved, Book One

Publication Date:

April 30th, 2024


Supernatural Horror/Psychological Thriller/
Erotica/Fairytale Reimagining


MF Dub Con/Non-Con, Monster Fudging, Good Boy/Bad Girl, Dangerous Attraction, Inaccurate BDSM, One Night Stand, Torture, Kidnapping, Medical Trauma, Self-Harm, Pseudo-Cannibalism, Body Gore, Death, Alice in Wonderland Reimagining

Content Warnings:

Strong language, dubious consent, rape (especially chapters twenty-three and twenty-five), evisceration, pseudo-cannibalism, kidnapping, medical trauma, mental illness, self-harm, alcoholic substances, drug use, inaccurate BDSM, blood, death, and more.

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