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“We call her the Queen of Hearts. Allison is a man-eater.”


Get wasted, get laid, and get the fuck over it.


That’s my friend Braxton’s motto when it comes to life’s trickiest problems. So, when my cheating fiance leaves me just months before our wedding, he comes up with a simple plan to help me get over her: go to the club, hit on the hottest chick I can find, and take her home.


But, it isn’t Braxton’s life on the line – it’s mine. And when he departs early with a prize on his arm, he leaves me stranded at the bar.


Alone. Broken. Vulnerable.


Nothing is as it seems at the club, either. Tucked away in an alley, hidden behind a nondescript steel door, The Rabbit Hole harbors plenty of secrets. The blonde bartender is irresistible, the drinks are to die for, and no one misses you when you’re gone.


One night buddied up to the bar will change my life in ways I could never imagine when I find myself in Wonderland.


I should have stayed home.

Wicked Little Rabbit (Signed Editions)

    • Paperback Edition (Blue Drink): 5 x 8 inches, 276 Pages 
    • Hardcover Edition (Blue Drink): 6 x 9 inches,  250 Pages (Ordered On Demand)
    • Special Edition Hardcover (Blue Roses): 6x9 with Dust Jacket, 255 Pages
    • All Editions Come With Matching Bookmark and Matching Sticker
    • Swag Bundles Include:
      • NSFW Character Art (1 piece)
      • Signature Drink Recipe Card
      • Magnetic Bookmark
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