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Donate To Walk MS 2024!

As an MS Warrior, each year I try to raise money to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for their anual fundraiser, Walk MS! This cause works together with participants and donors to help produce new medications, provide accommodations, and research cures for this life-changing autoimmune disease. My goal for 2024 is to raise $500 for the Grand Rapids, MI event! Want to help? Click the button below and follow the link! Every penny is greatly appreciated. With your help, we can truly end MS!

Newest Release

Dealings in the Dark,
Audible Edition

DITD Audiobook Cover.jpg
(Supernatural Horror)

Coming Soon!

Wicked Little Rabbit,
for the Dark and Depraved
Book One

Wicked Little Rabbit eBook Cover (Small).jpeg
(Spicy Horror/Dark Fantasy/Fairytale Reimagining)

Cursed Souls

(Supernatural Horror and Thriller)
Dealings in the Dark (Book Fest Fall '23).webp
Ebook Cover B&B.jpg
Legacy of Lies Ebook Cover.jpeg

Standalone Works

(Literary Fiction/Romance)
(Alternate) The Ruin Ebook Cover.jpeg
The Ruin (Book Fest Fall '23).webp
(Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction)

Short Story Collections

Apothecary of Curiosities
(Dark Fantasy/Horror)
Death's Nell Ebook Cover.jpeg
Kiss of Death Cover.jpeg
_Deadly Delicacies_ EBook Cover.jpeg
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